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    Mark McNairy Gear on Sale via Park and Bond

    L/S Fun ShirtS/S Fun ShirtI <3 NY Cardigan

    I just copped the Mark McNairy L/S fun shirt above.  Brooks Brothers may have invited the fun shirt, but when I first got into blogging this was the first fun shirt I ever saw and feel in love with.  Run of the Mill shop was selling it for like $150 or something.  They put it on sale for $70 and after some serious consideration, I choose to hold off.  I wasn’t as adventurous style wise as I am now.  At $80, this is definitely on the expensive side for me, but I’m worth it.  I actually would have preferred to pick up the short sleeve one, but they didn’t have my size.  That NY cardigan is doper than 2 dope boyz, but I doubt I’d wear it much.   

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